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The Summer loan promotion is available to members from 10.00am on Tuesday 7th May until 4.00pm on Friday 24th May 2024.
  • Do you need to top up an existing loan to help with cost-of-living increases?
  • Perhaps a loan would help to consolidate any high interest credit card debt into a more affordable monthly payment? 

If eligible, you could borrow up to £5,000 with a Harp and Crown loan promotion.  NO application form required.

No matter the reason, please make sure any loan request is affordable to you and your circumstances.  Check out our loan calculator here to work out potential monthly payments. 

Please read the Promotion Rules below and if you are eligible for a promotional loan an application form is not required, you can arrange your loan simply by calling the office on 028 9068 5198


1: The applicant must have had their account open for 6 months or more. Re-opened accounts must also have been re-opened for 6 months or more.
2: The applicant must not have taken a loan in the past 3 months.
3: The promotional loan cannot take the applicant outside the required 5:1 (loan to share) ratio at the time of borrowing. Promotional loan can be up to £5,000 if shares ratio available!
4: The applicant must have had at least one previous loan by full application. A first loan cannot be a promotional loan.
5: An applicant can avail of 2 consecutive promotional loans; however, each 3rd application will require completion of a full loan application form with the normal sanctioning process applying.
6: Any application for the promotion which requires approval must be supported by a completed ‘Loan Application’ form, 3 consecutive months’ bank statements and 3 consecutive months’ loans statements, together with any active credit/store card statements.
7: The promotion will not be available to members whose accounts are currently under restriction.  

If eligible, all that is required is an original signature on a ‘Loan Agreement’ form which can be posted or emailed in.

It is not possible to arrange a promotion loan using the online platform. 

Telephone – 028 9068 5198



Article published on 29 April 2024.

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