Stress Awareness Month - Little By Little

27 April 2024

stress awareness month

It’s Stress Awareness Month and the theme this year is “Little By Little, A Little Becomes A Lot.”

Our members fulfil various roles within the police family, all with their own stress factors.


Whether you’re currently serving in the PSNI; retired; Police Staff; provide a service to the police community; or a family member; take some time today to do whatever works best for you to de-stress.


Here are our 5 top tips to try today!


  1. GET MORE SLEEP - not easy if you work shifts; have a medical condition; or care for small children; but trying to find a balance is so important. According to the Sleep Foundation, most adults require between 7-9 hours of nightly sleep - how much are currently getting?

  2. WALK AWAY FROM YOUR DESK (whatever that looks like to you!) - strive for better work-life balance and take necessary breaks from your work to avoid burnout.

  3. EXERCISE - a brisk ten minute walk today may do you the world of good, or why not try to fit in 20 minutes during a break or after your dinner.

  4. SPEAK TO SOMEONE - share your worries with someone you trust, whether that’s a colleague, friend or family member.  Remember, “a problem shared is a problem halved.”

  5. FINANCIAL HEALTH CHECK - money worries can be a huge stress factor.  Complete a review of your finances and you might find there are services you no longer need, helping reduce your monthly outgoings.  You may also be able to reduce debt payments by consolidating any high interest credit cards/loans into a lower interest Harp and Crown Credit Union loan option.  Or you may have the option to restructure a loan repayment with us if it is currently unaffordable to you. 

Talk to us today, we are HERE for YOU.

Email or phone 028 9068 5198

“Save regularly and borrow only what you need.” 

The Harp and Crown Credit Union provides safe, secure, flexible finances for the wider police family in Northern Ireland.

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