Debt Consolidation

Do you have a number of high interest rate loans or credit card payments being debited monthly?


Don't be fooled by a limited time reduced or 0% interest rate option, especially if it's unrealistic for you to pay off the balance during this time. 

  • Check and DOUBLE CHECK the small print before you sign up, there could be additional and hidden fees you may not be aware of! 

  • Remember also, the interest rate you see advertised, may not be the rate you qualify for. 

  • Subject to eligibility and Ts and Cs, our loan rates are guaranteed for the duration of your loan. Interest (APR) is only charged on your reducing balance.  Example:  If you take out a £6,000 loan (Year 1) and in Year 2 have £5,000 left to pay, you'll only pay interest on £5,000, not the original loan of value of £6,000.  Banks tend to front load interest, with payments reflecting the original loan taken plus interest, throughout your payment term.

  • Your loan with us is protected by free life cover up to the age of *70 years old.  *In the event of your death, any outstanding loan balances cleared.

  • AVOID "credit card surfing"!  Too often we see members taking out a new offer credit card to pay off another card, only to pay the "minimum" monthly balance.  Soon they have multiple credit cards, resulting in a massive amount of high interest debt and a poor credit rating.  Please don't let it get to this point.  Contact us as early as possible so that we can help break this debt cycle for you.

  • Talk to someone and relieve your debt anxiety, there's always a solution and you should never suffer this debt burden alone.

  • Let us help you consolidate your payments into one lower interest rate option. Subject to Ts and Cs.

Credit Card Comparison

Harp & Crown Standard Loan up to £5K 12%
Harp & Crown Standard Loan £5K+ 7.9%
MBNA Credit Card 13.9 - 24.9%
M&S Credit Card 23.9%
Tesco Credit Card 10.9% - 29.9%
Vanquis Credit Card 34.5%
Danske Bank Credit Card 22.9%
American Express 31% - 88.8%

*rates correct as of 11th April 2024.


Payday Loans

Payday loans are short-term loans for small amounts of money and have very high interest rates.  Please STOP and THINK before you apply for a Payday loan

  • Can you pay the loan back within the agreed time?

  • Are you aware of the fees if you don't pay back your payday loan on time?

  • Always make sure your lender is approved by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Contact your credit union first for an ethical, not-for-profit, safe, financial service.  Remember we offer lower interest rate loans with no extra fees and we can look at ways to restructure your loan repayments if they become unaffordable.


Payday Loans Comparison

Harp & Crown Standard Loan up to £5K

Example:  £1200 over 18 months

12% APR: Total £1317.21 to pay


THL Direct Payday Loan

Example:  £1200 over 18 months

49.9% APR: Total £1628.28 to pay


Harp & Crown Standard Loan up to £5K

Example:  £1000 over minimum 18 months

12% APR: Total £1097.68 to pay


Sunny Payday Loan

Example:  £1000 over 18 months

89.9% APR: Total £1853.43 to pay


*rates correct as of 11th April 2024.


One of our members was able to save a huge £1,000 per month on interest, by consolidating their debt into a £30,000 loan option with us.  Another member was only paying the minimum payment on a Danske Mastercard, our loans team were able to cut the member's debt interest payable by around 66%.  Terms and Conditions apply.


With FREE LIFE COVER up to age 70

  • In the event of your death, your BENEFICIARY could receive 1.5 times your savings balance (additional benefit capped at £5,000).  Example:  £10,000 savings balance - your loved one could receive £5,000 on TOP of your savings. We have simplified this process as far as humanly possible to minimise the burden on your loved one.

  • Any outstanding LOAN BALANCES would also be cleared.

Talk to us, we want to help you, whatever your financial circumstance.

LOAN CALCULATOR:  Find out how much one of our loan products could cost you monthly.


Or contact us today to find out if you are eligible.

T:  028 9068 5198


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