Five ways to improve your credit score today

12 October 2023

improving your credit score

Before asking for credit, check your credit score!  You can do this online via a credit reference agency.  Need to improve your credit score? 

We’ve compiled 5 ways to help (based on Equifax's guidelines):

  1. Register on the electoral roll.  If you’re already registered, check that your address is correct and check that those registered at your household address is correct.  If a previous tenant with perhaps bad credit, hasn’t updated their address, this could potentially affect your own credit score.

  2. Consolidate debt into one lower interest payment.  Consolidating may help you manage your payments and ensure they are more affordable, with less likelihood of you missing a payment.

  3. Never miss payments and do not exceed your overdraft or credit limit.  If you do miss a payment, contact the creditor at your earliest convenience to make a payment.

  4. Pay mobile phone bills / credit card balances monthly via direct debit.  Remember no credit can be bad credit!  Using a little credit and often can help improve your credit score.

  5. Limit the amount of credit applications you make.  Remember that every time you get a quote from an insurance comparison site, a credit check is made and this can impact on your credit score!

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