Wedding Season and the Costs

21 September 2023

Wedding Season

It’s “wedding season”.  Are YOU or a family member getting married this month?  Or perhaps you’re planning for a 2024 wedding?

Organising a wedding is costly BUT so is ATTENDING a wedding! 

According to The National Wedding Survey by the average cost of a wedding in the UK was £18,400 in 2022! That’s up 6% from 2021! 

63% of couples said they received money from family or friends towards the cost of their wedding. 

Meanwhile NimbleFins reported that all-in costs for a UK wedding can reach £30,000 when honeymoon planning (and more) is added in. 

To add to this confirmed the average cost to ATTEND a wedding is now almost £1000

Weddings are EXPENSIVE. 

Make sure you plan a budget within your means! 

As a member, you could* apply for a loan 5 times your savings balance.   

So if you really need to spend around £18K on a family wedding, you would need to have £3,600 saved with us, to borrow your desired amount! 

*Ts/Cs apply 

Need a loan more than 5 x your current balance? Increase your savings balance via lodgement today.  Rules apply. 

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“Save regularly and borrow only what you need.”

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