Family Memberships


Each credit union is governed by a Common Bond, that of the Harp and Crown is the wider “police family” in Northern Ireland.  Our rules for membership are highlighted below: 

  1. The qualification for admission to membership of the credit union shall be that of being a serving PSNI officer, employee, staff or retired member (or have left service/employment) in receipt of a continuing and regular contractual payment arising from an occupation within the Police Service, Harbour Police, Airport Police and other UK/ Irish police services where the applicant is now resident in Northern Ireland; or an employee or staff or retired member in receipt of a continuing and regular contractual payment arising from an occupation within the Police Federation of Northern Ireland so that in consequence thereof, there shall be a common bond between all of the members. This will also include NI Police Fund staff; PRRT staff, and staff/members of Newforge Sports Complex. 

  2. A person who is the spouse/partner of or child or grandchild of, a member of the credit union, who fulfils the qualification for admission above shall be deemed to qualify and shall be eligible for membership.  Children and grandchildren aged 0-15 years qualify for our Junior account facility and those aged 16+ will be eligible for a family/adult account

Family Account / Direct Debit Set Up

Should you wish to join as a common bond family member, only a common bond member can sign you up.  To set up a direct debit for their account, follow the below process:

  1. Simply contact our office either via phone (028 9068 5198) or via email ( requesting membership.

  2. SERVING PSNI account holders can apply for a JUNIOR account or FAMILY account using their registered PSNI email address as verification.

  3. RETIRED members / those members who are paying by direct debit, can apply for a JUNIOR account by attending our office in Newforge in person, with any necessary ID, address verification and joining documentation.  PLEASE NOTE WE CANNOT ACCEPT BY EMAIL. 

  4. RELATIVES OF COMMON BOND members (aged 16 years+) wishing to set up an account must attend our office in Newforge in person with any necessary ID, address verification and joining documentation.   They must be able to confirm name of common bond member/relative so that we can verify before processing any application.

  5. We will then email you the necessary joining documentation (Application Form / Bank details form along with a list of acceptable ID).  

  6. You can then print off / complete and scan your application, returning to us via email. Your direct debit mandate will need to be posted back to us as some banks only accept original documents.

  7. Non PSNI email verified members must attend in person at our Newforge Office with one x form of ID verification and one form x address verification, within 90 days of emailing us back the joining documentation.  PLEASE NOTE WE WILL CLOSE THE NEW ACCOUNT IF ID VERIFICATION IS NOT RECEIVED WITHIN 90 DAYS.

  8. We will then process your application and email you back an initial statement with your account number.  

  9. Your saving will then commence with the next available direct debit run (less the £5 joining fee).


Harp and Crown Credit Union Ltd are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Firm Reference Number (FRN) 577113. For details visit
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