Savings Benefits

Saving with the Harp and Crown Credit Union could not be easier and it will benefit you and your family in the long run, especially during these uncertain financial times.


  1. ETHICAL AND COMMUNITY DRIVEN:  We are a not-for-profit, ethical, financial services organisation, here for you.  We wouldn't exist if it wasn't for our members, we are here to protect and serve the wider Police family's finances.  We support the health and wellbeing of our wider police family through police sport sponsorship, family events, charities and more.

  2. SAFE:  Your savings are safe with us and with no hidden fees, under PRA and FSCS regulations. 

  3. FREE LIFE COVER:  Your savings and loans are protected with life cover at no direct cost to you.  Up until 70 years of age, in the event of your death, your beneficiary could receive 1.5 times your savings balance (additional benefit capped at £5,000).  Example:  £10,000 savings balance - your loved one could receive £5,000 on TOP of your savings.  Any outstanding loan balances would also be cleared.

  4. SAVE STRAIGHT FROM PAYROLL:  As a serving member of the PSNI, saving could not be easier.  Your savings contribution will be deducted straight from your monthly payroll, just watch those savings grow without even thinking about it.  A minimum £10 per month is required to keep your account open and you can save as much as you can afford to (first year of membership a maximum £100 per month).  Remember, you don't need to close your account if you leave service or retire.  Stay with us to continue enjoying your membership benefits!

  5. FAMILY AND JUNIOR ACCOUNTS:  You and your family can enjoy the benefits of a safe and secure savings account, investing in your short or long term goals.  Junior accounts are available for those aged 0-15 years old and any amount can be saved per month (minimum £10 per month does not apply).  

  6. HUMAN WAY TO GET A LOAN:  You could be eligible to apply for a lower interest rate loan with us, based on 5 x your savings balance and this can be organised very quickly, should you need us to help urgently (over 91% of our loan applications are processed with funds transferred within the same day).  You may have access to a number of lower interest rate loans (currently as low as 3.9% APR), with no hidden fees.  You'll get to experience the "Human Way" to apply for a loan with our personal, one to one service.

  7. ANNUAL DIVIDEND:  Unlike a bank, credit unions provide members annual dividends on savings according to profits.  For the financial year October 2022-September 2023 we paid 2% on savings. We also paid an loan interest rebate to borrowers. where applicable in December 2023.

  8. FLEXIBLE PAYMENTS:  As a saver and member with us, unlike a bank, we can offer flexible loan repayment options.  Should your circumstances change and you find you are struggling to make loan repayments, we can restructure your loan payment plan.

  9. PERSONAL SERVICE:  Unlike the ever increasing trend to move 100% towards online banking, our office at Newforge is open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday, members are welcome to visit with no appointment necessary.

  10. ONLINE BANKING:  We also offer online banking as a convenient way for members to check their balance or request withdrawal.


Harp and Crown Credit Union Ltd are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Firm Reference Number (FRN) 577113. For details visit
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